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Moving trucks
Like all U-Haul equipment, our rental moving trucks are designed from the ground up to move families, not freight. You can depend on our comfortable trucks to save wear and tear on your family – the most important parts of any do-it-yourself move.

Cargo Trailers
If you're driving a car or if your moving truck is filled to capacity, hitch up to a U-Haul cargo trailer.
Our trailers are aerodynamic, lightweight and low profile, which significantly reduces the drag on your car and increases gas mileage. You'll appreciate the low center of gravity, stabilized suspension and wide track, all of which make for safe, easy towing. All rental cargo trailers have smooth, padded, weatherproof interiors with rub rails and tie-downs to help protect your possessions.
A U-Haul cargo trailer is perfect for items you'll need during your move, and for those things you might have had to leave behind if you didn't have the extra space. Save the cost of replacing items later and rent a trailer now.

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Utility Trailers
U-Haul utility trailers are a superior rental solution for many In-Town® errands, from hauling building supplies, to picking up plants or landscaping materials or hauling refuse to the landfill.
Our 5' x 8' and 6' x 12' galvanized utility trailers are designed to easily and securely hold many different materials for do-it-yourself projects. Rental trailers allow most building materials to be laid flat on the floor of the trailer, so that you can load up what you'll need for an entire home improvement project. Our gravel line lets you know just how much rock or gravel can be loaded and towed safely in the trailer. For smaller projects, you may rent our 4' x 7' utility trailer.


Truck and car trailers
When it comes to moving your vehicle, U-Haul has the best range of rental solutions.If you're attending a car show, purchasing a new vehicle or traveling in a motor home, U-Haul has the right rental equipment to tow your vehicle. The U-Haul car trailer (Auto Transport) keeps all wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground and is ideal for long-distance moves. We gave it a low height and extended ramps to provide the best angle for loading and unloading vehicles with low clearance or spoilers. Our car trailer's fender also tilts out for easy access to the towed vehicle, and a surge brake provides maximum stopping assistance. The U-Haul car dolly (Tow Dolly) keeps the front wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground and is a great low-cost rental choice for front-wheel-drive cars. Its low height and longer ramp mean the loading angle is shallow to accommodate vehicles with low clearance or spoilers. Our car dolly also has a swivel design that eliminates rear-tire wear and improves maneuverability.
Motorcycle haulers
If you want to move a bike, a golf cart or a riding lawn mower, U-Haul has the trailer for you. A long time customer favorite, our 5 x 9' Ramp Trailer is built to do the job. Whether you are moving one way across the country or just across town, the U-Haul Ramp Trailer is an affordable alternative to owning your own trailer. It is equipped with a built-in Wheel Chock*, LED lights, extra heavy duty tie downs, 14" highway-ready tires and a spring-assisted EZ-Load Ramp that is a full 57" wide. You can tow this trailer with your own tow vehicle or behind a U-Haul moving van with ease. The 1,650 lbs of cargo capacity will accommodate your full dress bike without a problem. Reserve a Ramp Trailer today for one-way trips or In-town use.